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The invention of Light bulbs was one of the greatest accomplishments of the late 1800’s.  Back then, at the days of Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, the filament of choice was carbonized cotton.  Today, those Original light bulbs are being replicated with tungsten filament which gives it that vintage look.  As in the original design, some of the replicas feature the small glass tip end, which was originally made when the bulb was sealed by the manufactures over 100 years ago.  Place those bulbs in a clear shade or exposed socket for full visibility of shape and ambient glow.

Choose from a variety of Vintage Light Bulbs.  LED Filament, Antique Tungsten Filament, Radio, or Tube Bulbs. From 7 Watt bulbs to 60 Watt, and 110 to 220 Volts bulbs. 

Listed on the left are the categories we use to classify our Light Bulbs.