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Introduction to lamp wire & cords

Our Vintage Style Cloth Covered lamp wire and pendant cords come in different thickness colors and styles. 

The twisted fabric-covered cords are available with 2 or 3 conductors, 18 or 20 AWG (gauge), and a variety of colors. This style of lamp wire is mostly used for portable lamps, pendants, and small appliances. It is a new reproduction of the antique turn of the century twisted-pair lamp cords.   

Parallel lamp wires are the flat cords. Available in a variety of colors with a cloth cover or without. They are also known as SPT-1 and SPT-2 cords which are 18 AWG 2 conductors cords. The term SPT refers to the thickness of the insulation surrounding the copper wire. SPT-1 has the thinner insulation of .030" and the SPT-2 has the thicker insulation of 0.45". Order by the foot or 100 ft. spool. This flat SPT cords are also available in the plug-in cord set version where the cord comes with a plug, a plug and on/off or dimmer switch already attached. 

The cloth-covered SVT cords and non-cloth covered SVT cords are the round lamp and pendant cords which are also sometimes referred to as pulley cords. Available in a 2 conductors SVT/2 and SVT/3 which is a 3 conductor cord. This cord is usually used with pendant lights, floor lamps, portable lamps, and household appliances. Choose from a variety of cord colors in both the cloth-covered and plastic round pendant wires. The non-cloth covered pendant cords are available in clear, black, white or brown.

Most of our cords are available for purchase by the foot, or spools of 100 ft. or 250 ft.  Save big when you buy a spool of a cord.

Cloth-covered extension cords and vintage style plug-in cord sets are also featured in this collection. Here you will find the twisted wire, SPT-1, SPT-2, SVT/2 and 3  which are all available in different lengths and colors. Some with on/off switch, or in-line switch already installed for your convenience.

What is AWG?

It is a standardized system to measure the diameter of a round wire. Most pendant lamps use 18 AWG cords.

For your reference:

  • 18 AWG cords should be used with 1200 watts or less.
  • When using SVT cords to hang lamps the maximum weight should be 5 lbs. or less.




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