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Lamp Parts and Lighting Components

Whether you are working on a vintage restoration project or creating your nostalgic masterpiece, we’d like to help. Our lamp parts collection features the basic parts you’ll need. A variety of bulb cages as the finishing touch on any pendant lamp. Lamp sockets in antique brass, nickel, phenolic, or porcelain. Wire plugs, Cord switch, cord grips, and ceiling canopies so you can hang those Edison pendants you created. Don’t forget the dimmers! It’s always better when you can dim the light if you need to.

Light Bulb Cages:

Our collection of light bulb cages consist of 2 types of bulb cages.  

  • Clamps to lamp socket - Use this bulb cage to attach to any medium (E26) base lamp socket.  They are available in brass, antique brass, black, bronze, and chrome finishes.  
  • Attaches to UNO threaded sockets - this bulb cage must be used with a UNO threaded socket.  

Ceiling Canopy:

Find the right ceiling canopy to mount your chandelier or pendant lamp to the ceiling.  Choose between a variety of styles and color finishes.

Cord Grips:

The cord grips are an important part of the lamp assembly process.  This little hardware piece connects and secures the socket to the cord attached to it.  We carry a variety of color finishes and shapes to match the cord attached to the socket.

Cord Switch:

Attach those on/off cord switches to any lamp cord. Make sure to choose the right switch for the cord your using.  Choose between SPT (Flat Parallel) cord switch or SVT (round) cord. It is easier to attach the SVT on/off switch to the twisted cloth covered cord.  

Lamp Dimmers:

Full Range foot dimmers for your lamps or dimmers on cord sets.  Choose the color and enjoy 0-100% dimming capabilities. Edison bulbs look great when they are dimmed down.

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