Vintage Light Bulbs

Our bulbs collection features all of our incandescent light bulbs. Starting from our most popular Edison nostalgic to the latest vintage reproduction bulbs like the supersized mega nostalgic and the distinct nostalgic bulbs. Choose from our wide variety of each style.

The classic Edison reproduction bulb is where it all began.  Although this comeback of the Edison bulbs is slowly evolving to the new more efficient LED Edison bulbs, the unique look of the incandescent Edison bulbs is unmatched.  

Here are some of the advantages of using those incandescent Edison bulbs.

  • They are all dimmable, with all dimmer types.
  • They look more authentic than the LED Edison bulbs.
  • They are about half the price of the LED Edison bulbs.
  • Bigger selection of styles, sizes, and filament design.
  • The various filament designs are Squirrel Cage, Spiral, Hairpin, and Quad Loop.

    This is what you should know about Edison bulbs. (Keep in mind, those bulbs are designed to mimic the original Edison early 1900’s light bulbs)

    • They are not as bright as standard incandescent bulbs.  They are about half the brightness of a standard incandescent bulb at best.  
    • The color of the light (AKA color Temp) is much warmer than the standard incandescent bulbs.
    • The bulbs glass color, amber or clear has a very little impact on the light color emitted by the bulb.
    • They can all be used outdoors or indoors.
    • They should last about 3,000 hours, which is the same as a standard incandescent light bulb. 

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