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  • Reference Guide for Lamp Nipple Thread Sizes

    Lamp nipples, often referred to as lamp stems or pipe nipples, are essential components in lighting fixtures. They provide a secure connection between the lamp socket and the fixture body, ensuring the stability and functionality of the entire lighting assembly. Understanding the various thread sizes for lamp nipples is crucial when replacing or installing lamps. This reference guide outlines the most common thread sizes used in lamps and their applications.

    1/8 IPS (Iron Pipe Straight)
    Thread Diameter: Approximately 3/8 inch (9.525 mm)
    Common Use: Smaller lamps and decorative lighting fixtures
    Note: Often used in table lamps, desk lamps, and smaller pendant lights.

    1/4 IPS (Iron Pipe Straight)
    Thread Diameter: Approximately 1/2 inch (12.7 mm)
    Common Use: Medium-sized lamps and some floor lamps
    Note: Frequently found in various table lamps, floor lamps, and select pendant lights.

    3/8 IPS (Iron Pipe Straight)
    Thread Diameter: Approximately 5/8 inch (15.875 mm)
    Common Use: Larger lamps and certain industrial fixtures
    Note: Typically used in substantial floor lamps, some industrial-style pendant lights, and vintage lighting fixtures.

    1/2 IPS (Iron Pipe Straight)
    Thread Diameter: Approximately 3/4 inch (19.05 mm)
    Common Use: Heavy-duty and industrial lamps and fixtures
    Note: Preferred for heavy floor lamps, industrial-style pendant lights, and large, sturdy lighting fixtures.

    M10 x 1 Metric Thread
    Thread Diameter: 10mm
    Common Use: European and modern lighting fixtures
    Note: Metric threads are becoming more prevalent in modern lamp design, especially in European-style lamps.

    Custom or Specialty Threads
    Thread Diameter: Varies
    Common Use: Unique or custom-designed lighting fixtures
    Note: Some specialty lamps and fixtures may have non-standard thread sizes. In such cases, it's crucial to identify the specific thread size and seek specialized components.