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Are Vintage Light Bulbs Dimmable?

Are Vintage Light Bulbs Dimmable? - Nostalgicbulbs.com

David Solomon |

This is a question I get a lot.  Are Vintage Light Bulbs dimmable? All of the reproduction or original Vintage Bulbs are in fact incandescent bulbs which are dimmable. Any standard dimmer will work. We carry Antique Brass Sockets that can dim any incandescent light bulbs or any wall dimmer will work. If you are using those bulbs in a pendant or any hanging lamp you’ll probably want to use the wall dimmers. It’s a good idea, in general, to use dimmers for the Nostalgic Bulbs since you can control the light output and the energy consumed. Nostalgic Bulbs are mainly used as ambiance or mood light, in places where you don’t want or need bright light.

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Hi. Can I replace my old floor lamp’s 3 way (250V, 750w – I used a 100/200/300 mogul bulb) mogul socket with a modern 3 way or dimmable socket? If yes, do I need to replace the metal socket, porcelain housing and the switch? The only problem now seems to be that the switch is loose. Please respond 1. How can the switch alone be fixed? 2. If it can’t (my super tried), then what (vintage) part(s) must I replace? 3. Or what NEW parts for 3 way? for dimmable? Please tell me specifically what to buy. Thanks so much! -Sherry

Sherry Wallack,

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