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  • E26 LED Bulb

    2 min read

    E26 LED Bulb -

    When it comes to LED bulbs, things can get very confusing. So many new numbers to look at and understand. It’s like going to school again. There are the color temperature numbers (1800K to 5000K), then there are the lumens, and let's not forget the watts. Wait there are two difference sets of watt numbers for most led bulbs. First, it’s the bulb’s actual watts and then there is the watts equivalent. To top it all we have numbers for the base of the bulb and numbers for the shape of the bulb. How am I ever going to find the bulb I need? If this sounds familiar then you come to the right place. Let’s break it down.

    • E26 LED Bulb –  Here the reference is the base type of the light bulb. E26 is a medium standard base commonly used in most fixtures in the US. To comprehend the essence of the E26 bulb, it is imperative to trace its roots back to its birthplace: Edison's workshop. Named after the legendary inventor Thomas Edison, the E26 designation pays homage to the Edison Screw, a threaded metallic base that has become the standard for many light bulbs. In particular, the "E" signifies Edison, while the "26" denotes the diameter of the screw base in millimeters.

      E26 Medium Base Dimensions

      • Bulb Shape codesBulb shape codes is a coding system used for identifying light bulbs based on their shapes and sizes. This coding system helps consumers choose replacement bulbs that match the specifications of the original ones. A common coding system for light bulbs include a letter or letters for the shape of the bulb and a number to represent the diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch.
      • Watts & watts equivalent - Watts is a measure of electrical power used in a bulb. The wattage correlates to the bulb which means that higher wattage generally means higher brightness. However, with energy-efficient bulbs like LED the relationship between wattage and brightness has become less straightforward. Watts equivalent is a term often used for energy-efficient bulbs like LED to determine the equivalent brightness to an incandescent bulb.  
      • Lumens - Lumens (lm) are a unit of measurement used to show the total amount of visible light released by the light source. The higher the number of lumen, the brighter the light source. Unlike watts, which measure power of consumption, lumens provide a more accurate measure of the light output. This is important for energy-efficient bulbs like LEDs where the amount of light produced can vary for the same wattage.
      • Color Temperature - Color temperature refers to the visual warmth or coolness released by the light. It is measured in Kelvins (K) on a scale from 1,000 to 10,000. Kelvin temperatures are usually set from 2000K to 6500K in most commercial and residential atmospheres. The color temperature of light can influence the ambiance, mood, and appearance of the space illuminated by the light. 

      In the world of LED lighting, knowledge is power. Having a clear understanding of E26 bases, bulb shape codes, watts, lumens, and color temperatures, can help you make informed decisions and navigate through the complexities and evolving landscape of LED technology. 

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