January 07, 2014

When thinking about decorating your home using nostalgic Edison light bulbs and antique light fixtures, there are many who just assume that the look will be of an era from long ago. That is, people use these bulbs and fixtures from the past to create a look from the past. But we feel that idea is a little bit short-sighted. There is absolutely no reason why these instruments from the past can’t be used in a way to create a fresh and modern look. In fact, there are ways to create modern steampunk and industrial looks.

When considering what type of style you want to decorate your home, you should think outside the box. We have discovered that Pinterest is a wonderful resource for off-the-wall and unique ideas. We have seen very cool ways people have utilized old style Edison light bulbs. There are examples of fans that have been modified to hold light bulbs and mason jars used as light bulb holders. In fact, we were lucky enough to see a light fixture made out of an old birdcage.

The point we are trying to make is that if you use your imagination and gather inspiration from non-traditional decorating sites, you too can come up with brilliant and unique ways to brighten up your home. And remember that utilizing an Edison light bulb does not mean you need to incorporate it into an antique look; go bold and go modern.

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