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Nostalgic Edison Bulbs Brightness

Nostalgic Edison Bulbs Brightness - Nostalgicbulbs.com

David Solomon |

The brightness of light bulbs is measured by lumens. Higher lumens means brighter light and lower lumens dimmer light. Many of us are used to thinking in terms of watts. When we want brighter light we get higher watt bulb. That was in the past. Watts will no longer determine light brightness. Antique Edison bulbs produce fewer lumens per watt than the traditional incandescent light bulb. And on the other hand LED bulbs produce much more light per watt. To be more specific, expect to get less than half the brightness from the Vintage Nostalgic bulbs then you would from a standard incandescent bulb with the same watts.

The whole idea of those Vintage Light bulbs is a dimmer, ambient, old fashioned light. A warm glow that mimics early 1900’s light bulbs. If those bulbs were as bright as regular incandescent bulbs they would look like a regular incandescent bulb. The special look of the Edison bulb is the filament of the bulb. That is the little wire inside the bulb that lights up when you turn it on. In the early days of light bulbs, there were a few distinct filament designs. The squirrel-cage which is the most popular, the quad loop, the hairpin, and the spiral. Which is your favorite?

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