Pendant White Round 2 Conductor Cord- 100 FT. Spool

100 FT. Spool of White SVT/2 (round 2 conductors). Our 2 conductor white round cord is perfect for any pendant lamp. Add a socket and a canopy and you got your self a pendant! This wire is 18/2 which means that the copper wires inside the round cord are 18 Gauge. The SVT-2 is the measurement of the insulation thickness of the cord, the number of conductors and the style (This style is round).

  • UL listed for outdoor or indoor use.
  • 18 Gauge - Two conductor pulley cord
  • NOT covered by cloth
  • Round Pendant and appliance cord
  • SVT (Will slip 1/8 IPS)
  • Max 300 Volt
  • Diameter: 0.234"