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  • Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Home

    2 min read

    Nostalgic Light bulbs at Home

    At, we sell a wide variety of bulbs and fixtures to give your home the vintage style you desire. Even if your general aesthetic is not vintage, antique lighting fixtures can add charm and beauty to any room, and they add value to your home as well. Two factors to consider when choosing the right light.  One is the amount of illumination it provides and the 2nd is which fixtures best meet your needs.

    A room looks and feels more comfortable when it is not too dim. To avoid this, install multiple sources of light in each room. This ensures that the entire room is well lit, and it creates the illusion of more space. In the home design world, there are three layers of lighting: ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is the overhead lighting that illuminates the room generally. Task lighting provides light for any specific activities that are done in the room, such as overhead lights for cooking in the kitchen, or table lamps for reading in the library. Finally, accent lighting is more decorative than functional, but it can be a great way to ensure there is enough light in your room.

    When picking fixtures to include in your home, it is important to consider the function of each room. For example, in your entryway, you want the lighting to welcome people to your home, so you might pick an interesting floor lamp. In the kitchen, you want a brighter option to see what you’re doing, so you want an overhead light. In the living room, you want lighting that will be more conducive to relaxing, but still, provides enough task lighting for reading or any other leisure activities, so you may install several different fixtures.

    Whatever lighting decisions you make for your home, has the selection you need to create unique and stylish vintage lighting. Shop our selection of bulbs, fixtures, and lamp parts for all your lighting needs. 

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