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LED light bulbs are fast replacing all older lights. From CFL to incandescent, LEDs are the better choice. They are much more energy-efficient, they last up to 10 times longer and their prices have been consistently coming down.

It all sounds great, but there is a dark side to this new technology. The cool temperature (4000K - 6000K) emitted by LED light bulbs could actually be harmful to us and should not be used at night. A recent article published by Harvard Medical School states the harmful effect of the blue light when used at night. The human body is affected by the color of light produced by light bulbs or any electronic device such as smartphones, computers or TVs.

The warm yellow color produced by the Vintage Edison light bulbs has proven to be better for us when used at night. Even iPhones can now change the screen's color temperature to warm at night.

So besides being an amazing gorgeous light bulb to look at, the vintage Edison light bulbs will actually help you sleep better at night and can save you from a list of harmful diseases.

What should you do?

If you prefer LED bulbs just make sure to get the LED Edison bulbs with a color temperature of 2700K or warmer (1800K - 2700K). Avoid using cooler temperature bulbs (4000K - 6000K) at night before you go to sleep. Set your electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets to the warmer end of the color spectrum after dark. 

Instructions on how to change your iOS or Android device color temperature. 

Update: 10/28/19

As LED technology evolves we find new ways to deal with these issues. The latest smart LED collection from Bulbrite includes Edison Style smart LED bulbs that can produce warm low-temperature light at night and cool white light during the day. Controlled with a smartphone these bulbs feature many more convenient functions like gradually brighten in the morning like a gentle sunrise and fade out at night as you settle in. We’ll be adding these bulbs to our Edison LED collection in the next few weeks.

First one just added : SMART LED Edison Filament Bulb

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July 22, 2017

I knew blue light from iPhone & other electronic devices was very disruptive to our sleep patterns, but I did not know about any other health issues! I guess I’m going to have to do some further research into that.

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