February 26, 2017 1 min read

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As LED vintage light bulbs are getting more popular, more affordable, and better looking, there are some important factors to keep in mind. 

The color temperature of the light, which ranges from 2200K (more yellow than a standard incandescent bulb) to 3000K (more white then a standard incandescent bulb). 2700K is the color of your standard household incandescent bulb. Until recently you did not need to know this since we all got the 2700K bulbs. We did not have a choice.

The light output which is measured in lumens, or as an incandescent equivalent. For example, 60-watt incandescent bulb usually produces 800 Lumens, and a 40-watt bulb produces around 300 lumens. So you really need to look only at the lumens of the LED filament bulb in order to know how much light you’ll get out of it. I don’t recommend paying attention to incandescent equivalent rating (even thou we have it listed on our bulb specifications). The reason I say that is because some manufacturers will rate a 600 Lumens bulb as a 60 watt equal and some will rate this as a 40-watt equivalent. If you want to know what you're getting just look at the lumens.

The next important factor in your LED vintage bulbs selection is the bulbs glass tint. Clear, amber, or smoke are usually the choices for this option. It makes more of a difference look-wise when the bulb is off, then when it’s on. The light fixture style and color should influence this option.

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Short Linda
Short Linda

July 22, 2017

The lights I have seen on your site are very beautiful and we have been replacing all of ours to LED this past year. What a difference it does make. Thanks for all your info and beautiful products . I’m looking forward to seeing more in the future!!! Thanks

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