November 06, 2018 2 min read

Choosing the correct color temperature for you LED Edison Bulbs.

Not too long ago, before LED bulbs took over we had very little choice when it came to our light bulb color temperature.  It is the color of the light measured on a temperature scale referred to as Kelvin (K). A lower number means the light will appear more yellow, while the higher the number means the light will appear whiter or bluer.  The color of the incandescent bulbs we were used to is around 2700K. Any number higher than this will be a whiter color and lower will be more yellow.

Today, with most light bulbs being LED bulbs, we have lots of options.  Which one should you choose? Should it all be the same color throughout your home?  Why so many options?

Color Temp Chart

Let’s talk about what is recommended for each application, or room.

1. Kitchen - It ranges from 2700K - 5000K.  You would generally want a cooler higher temperature light when cooking or making breakfast in the mornings.  The cooler light mimics daylight which will make you feel awakened and attentive. If you have an island or a table in the kitchen where you would sometimes eat dimmer, a warmer light could be used on any light fixture hanging over that area.

2. Dining Room - Between 3,000K to 5000K.  Our dining rooms usually take different forms. Anywhere from a spacious room to a small nook of the kitchen.  Whatever the size or style, a dining room where we eat our meals and gather for special occasions should have soft natural tones light and not too bright.  It is best to use dimmers with those dining room fixtures.

3. Living Room - 2200K to 3000K - Sitting with friends, family, or just by yourself the living room light should be relaxing and ambient.  Avoid high-temperature lights, use dimmers, and a few different lighting sources. Like table lamps, floor lamps, recessed lights, and hanging fixtures.

4. Bedroom - 2700K to 3000K - The atmosphere should be calm and relaxing.  Warm low-temperature lights which produce fire like light make it easier for us to sleep, get ready to sleep and just be at ease.

5. Bathroom - 3000K to 6000K - A cooler higher temperature where you would shave or put on makeup is a good idea.

6. Outside patio - 2200K to 3000K - Very warm fire like light color looks and feels better when sitting outside.  If you have more than one light sources you can use some warmer and some cooler

7. Holway - 2700K to 4000K - Match the rest of the house.

8. Home office - 3000K To 5000K - Using a coop white lights in your office space will make it easier to stay focused, alert and energized through the day.

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