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  • LED vs. Original Incandescent Vintage Bulbs - Pros & Cons

    1 min read

    A variety of shapes and styles of Edison Light Bulbs hanging on pendant lamps

    What is the difference between LED Edison Bulbs and Incandescent Edison Bulbs?

    This is one of the most common questions we have been getting lately. With the LED bulbs widely available everywhere, it seems as people forgot all about the incandescent light bulb.

    In short, I have listed below the advantage and disadvantages of using either one.

     LED Vintage Light Bulbs - Filament LED Bulbs


    • Their price is usually higher
    • They don’t look as authentic as the incandescent bulbs
    • Most do require newer LED specific Dimmers


    •  They should last 5 times longer than the incandescent bulbs (15,000 vs. 3,000 hours)
    • Big savings on energy. Uses a fraction of the energy the incandescent bulbs use. (4-6W vs. 40-60W)
    • Available in a variety of color temperatures. Very warm 2200K, Warm 2700K, or Soft White 3000K. 
    • Brightness is a big one! If needed they are available with up to 800 Lumens (60-Watts Equal) which is more than double the availability of the incandescent bulbs.


    Original Incandescent Vintage/Edison Bulbs


    • They do not give out a lot of light. 60-watts vintage bulbs give out only 240-400 lumens. A 60-watt regular (not vintage) incandescent bulb gives out 800 lumens.
    • They get hot! Especially the 60 watts bulbs
    • They on average last 3000 hours
    • Only available in one color temperature which is very warm. 2200K


    • They look amazing! Authentic and classic.
    • Easily dimmable with all dimmer types. They look even better when they are dimmer down.
    • They usually cost less than LED vintage bulbs. 
    • Wide variety of filament styles, shapes, and sizes.

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