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  • Light Bulb Socket Types

    3 min read

    Light Bulb Socket Types -

    There are so many different types of bulb bases and bulb holders/sockets. Knowing which one you need will save you time and money. To make this as simple as possible, we’ll discuss the most popular base types. The ones that we carry and the ones that are used for the Edison vintage-style LED or incandescent vintage light bulbs.

    There are 3 types of socket sizes we carry and are used by our Edison vintage light bulbs.


    Edison Base Types

    Edison Base Types

    The Edison Screw (E) is the most popular bulb base type and is widely used worldwide. It comes in various sizes, including E26 (Medium) and E12 (Candelabra), where the numbers denote the base's diameter in millimeters.

    E26 (Medium): This size accommodates most incandescent and LED Edison-style vintage bulbs. It's the go-to choice for general lighting and works well in various fixtures.

    E12 (Candelabra): Smaller in size, the E12 base is commonly found in chandeliers and decorative fixtures. It measures approximately 12mm in diameter and offers a unique look for your lighting.

    Most Edison-style vintage bulbs are designed with a medium E26 base, making them versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. Here are some popular bulb shapes that use the Medium E26 base: A19, A21, A23, ST18, ST19, ST21, T14, T10, G25, G30, G40.

    Candelabra E12 Base

    "E12" refers to the bulb's base type, specifically its screw-in base. The "E" in E12 stands for Edison, paying homage to Thomas Edison's pioneering work in electric lighting. The "12" indicates the base's diameter in millimeters, approximately 12mm.

    Candelabra E12 bulbs are commonly used in chandeliers, outdoor sconces, hanging lights, and decorative fixtures. While the variety of bulb shapes and wattage options may not be as extensive as with medium base bulbs, you can still find a variety of vintage LED and incandescent bulbs designed to fit candelabra base sockets.

    Mogul E39 Base

    The least common among Edison-style vintage bulbs is the Mogul E39 base. We do not carry bulbs with this type of base in our selection. Mogul bases are typically used for high-wattage bulbs such as Metal Halide, High-Pressure Sodium, or commercial-grade high-lumen LED bulbs.

    While not a standard choice for Edison vintage-style lighting, Mogul bases play a significant role in industrial and commercial lighting applications, offering powerful illumination when needed.

    In conclusion, understanding the different bulb base types, such as Edison Screw (E), Candelabra E12, and Mogul E39, will help you choose the right socket for your Edison vintage-style LED or incandescent bulbs. Whether you're illuminating a chandelier, decorative fixture, or commercial space, matching the appropriate base type with your chosen bulb ensures you get the perfect lighting solution for your needs.

    The following are the rest of the light bulb base types which we do not carry:

    Bayonet Mount (B)

    The Bayonet Mount base type indicated as "B," is prevalent in many countries, including the UK. Instead of screws, these sockets feature two or three pins that lock bulbs into place. The B22 and B15 are the most common sizes, with the corresponding number denoting the diameter of the base in millimeters.

    Bi-Pin (GU, G, or GZ)

    Bi-pin sockets are often used in track lighting, recessed lighting, and various specialty fixtures. The "GU" (Gu10, Gu5.3) and "G" (G13) designations refer to the pin type and configuration, with numbers specifying the pin's distance. Bi-pin sockets are popular for their versatility and ease of installation.

    Twist and Lock (PL, GX, or G)

    Twist and Lock sockets, designated as "PL," "GX," or "G," are commonly used in compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and some LED bulbs. These sockets ensure a secure connection by twisting the bulb into place, reducing the risk of loose bulbs and flickering lights.

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