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Although LED Filaments bulbs are fairly recent innovation we have come a long way since their introduction. The latest and greatest today is the curved LED filaments. This is very exciting! The LED filament is actually curved in the same way the carbon and tungsten filaments are in the Edison incandescent bulbs. This is as close as we got to mimic the style of the Edison Vintage Light Bulbs. And that is not all, with this new LED technology you will be able to dim those lights with all dimmers, not just ELV dimmers like most other LED bulbs.

More noteworthy advantages:

The color temperature which means the color of the light emitted by the bulb is now available in a variety of color tones.

  • Warm (2000K - 2400K). This is what we got from the incandescent vintage bulbs.
  • Soft White (2700K - 3000K)
  • Cool White (3500K -4100K)

The brightness of the light which is referred to as lumen is now available at much brighter outputs. One of the main complaints about vintage bulbs is the fact that they are just not bright enough. The truth is they are meant to be used as a decorative light and not as a general overhead or reading light. With the introduction of those vintage LED bulbs, this has changed completely. The LED vintage bulbs are available with 800 to 900 lumens. This was not an option when using the original incandescent vintage light bulbs.

For example, the brightest 60-watt incandescent vintage bulb has around 400 Lumens, which if you compare this to a standard (not vintage Edison bulb) it is equivalent to 40 watts. With the vintage LED we are at 800 lumens which is equivalent to 60 watts. We really should be thinking in terms of lumens and not watts.

So there you have it, energy-efficient, long-lasting, great looking replicas of our Nostalgic Edison Bulbs.

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July 19, 2019

Its really interesting this curve filament is attractive and effective. Thanks for sharing this information with us and keep sharing.

Meme Coryell
Meme Coryell

July 19, 2017

Awesome! they work with dimmers.

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