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What’s the deal with those mega, oversized, grandiose vintage bulbs?  well, they are big, I mean really big. Like 15 inches in length and about 5 inches in diameter big. The look is amazing! Just imagine the beauty and glow of the original Edison bulbs but super-sized.

Those bulb sizes were originally made for a street light or stage lighting where the base of the bulb was Mogul and wattage of 300 watts or more.

Today’s reproduction Mega Vintage bulbs are made with medium base (E26) so you can screw them in any household medium base socket. Although they come in 60 watts, the lumens they actually produce is more like a 25-watt standard incandescent light bulb.

Those 60-watt Mega beauties produce only 160 lumens, and they are not cheap. Online or in stores you will find them anywhere from $25 to $60. You should also pay attention to the shipping costs for those bulbs. They are not cheap to ship since they are fragile and big and so some of the online stores will advertise them for $25.00 each and then charge you another $25 to ship one.

If you love the look of the vintage antique bulbs those oversized Edison bulbs look even better!

Oversized Edison Light Bulb

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August 22, 2017

Where can I purchase a light bulb that size?

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