February 11, 2016 1 min read

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Our newest addition to the Nostalgic Bulbs family is the reproduction of the world's longest burning light bulb. The Centennial Bulb, originally manufactured by the Shelby Electric Company in the late 1890s has been lit for nearly 115 years. In Livermore, California this magnificent bulb still shines (very dim now) with a dedicated webcam so the world can see. Besides making history this bulb is also a beautiful masterpiece.

Update: March, 31st 2019

We were just notified by the manufacturer that they have discontinued production of this bulb. As far as we know, these reproduction bulbs were only made by one manufacturer.  We will try to find a new source for these! 

Leave us a comment below if you would like to get notified with any new information on this light bulb.

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Sharon Mccartney
Sharon Mccartney

August 16, 2020

Would like information about a reproduction centennial bulb when they will be made again is it possible there are some that haven’t been sold yet

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