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November 13, 2018 2 min read

Are Vintage Swag Pendant Lamps a Bright Idea for Your Home? 

Popularized in the mid-20th century, swag pendant lamps are making a resurgence in American home design, offering an affordable lighting option that is both practical and stylish. For those who aren’t familiar with them, swag pendant lamps are either shaded or bare socket hanging ceiling fixtures that provide an economic light source that takes up minimal space.


Versatile Fixtures in Any Home

Swag pendant lighting offers a variety of advantages and installation options. Both efficient and economical, this type of fixture can be hardwired to the ceiling and swaged with a chain or plugged into a wall outlet for easy installation. Plug-in swag pendants are easier to install. You will not need to hire an electrician to install/hardwire your pendant light. All you need is a ceiling hook to hang the cord and a wall outlet nearby so you can plug in the cord plug for power. This also offers a stylish temporary lighting option. Just make sure your swag lamp cord is long enough to reach the outlet and the location to hang your light.

Additional features can include the following:

  • Adjustable chain and cord length
  • Pull chain switch
  • In-line on/off wall switch
  • Bare socket or shaded fixtures
  • Variable bulb configuration
  • Light diffuser

Swag 3 Light Pendant


The Brightest Bulbs in the Bunch

When selecting the best bulb for your swag pendant, you need to understand the difference between wattage and lumens. Higher wattage does not equate to brighter bulbs, but luminosity does. For instance, vintage bulbs, also known as Edison bulbs, are becoming increasingly popular for their aesthetic qualities. However, compared to modern LED light bulbs, the incandescent filaments in these types of bulbs do not emit as many lumens, meaning they are dimmer.

While they may not provide the best reading light, vintage incandescent bulbs add a beautiful design touch to your home, particularly when used in a swag pendant lamp. For those who prefer bright lights in their homes, LED bulbs output more lumens while using less power than conventional incandescent bulbs.


See the Light With Nostalgic Bulbs

At Nostalgic Bulbs, we can help you find the right lighting design for your home. Specializing in vintage and LED bulbs, fixtures, and sockets, we provide a wide selection of lighting components. Discover the ways in which pendant lighting can improve your home, and order your new fixtures today.

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