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Porcelain Lamp Sockets

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When it comes to durability, Porcelain Light Sockets reign supreme, as they have the ability to withstand significantly higher temperatures compared to other socket materials. Rest assured, all the sockets mentioned below are standard medium E26 base sockets and have been thoroughly tested and certified by UL and CSA. This ensures that you can trust their quality and safety standards, giving you peace of mind as you select the perfect socket for your lighting needs. For E12 Lamp Sockets view our candelabra E12 Stockts collection

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Porcelain Light Socket

A porcelain light socket, also known as a ceramic light socket, is a durable and heat-resistant electrical component designed for holding and connecting light bulbs in lighting fixtures. It is typically made of high-temperature-resistant porcelain or ceramic materials, which makes it suitable for use with incandescent and LED bulbs. Porcelain light sockets are known for their reliability and ability to withstand high temperatures, making them ideal for applications such as pendant lights, ceiling fixtures, and vintage-style lamps. They usually come with a standard medium E26 base for easy bulb installation and are often used in both residential and commercial lighting applications due to their longevity and safety features.

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