Beacon Tube Nostalgic Bulb - 30 Watt - 7.4 in. Length - Amber

  • Nostalgic- Glow Antique Style Bulbs are specially engineered to provide a beautiful mood enhancing level of light at standard line Voltage. Most will operate with a normal life expectancy all the way up to 240 Volts. The wonderful glow from the special filaments is reflected magically in the crystalline envelope of the amber bulb. 30 watt at 120 Volt - 60 watt at 220 Volt.

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Erik C.
United States

Excellent company

Great! Super easy to order. Will use them again!

Jim G.

Great selection of bulbs and

Great selection of bulbs and fast shipping.

Kwon P.

Pretty Nice, but specs a bit off

First purchase with Nostalgic bulbs, happy with the bulb, but the product description is a bit misleading. Not that it's a big deal for me, but others may want to know this. The box & site claims 240 volt is 60 watt, 160 lumen 1500 hours life, and at 120 its 30 watt, 80 lumens and 3000 hr life. Unfortunately, that isn't how incandescent bulbs work. Bulb performance (lumens and life) does not increase or decrease in a linear fashion relative to voltage supplied. Only wattage can be predictable, as the resistance of the filament is semi-fixed (there's small changes at lower voltage, but not significant). Increasing voltage will greatly increase lumens, but greatly reduce life. Reducing voltage will result in greatly increase life, but significantly reduce output. Lumens and life loss/increase is exponential based on supply voltage relative to rated voltage. Also there's a small reduction in light color as voltage decreases, since the filament isn't glowing as hot. In short, at 240 volt this lamp will produce its rated 160 lumens, consume 60 watts, and last 1500 hours. But at 120 volts, this lamp produces about 30 lumens, uses 25 watts, and last... a few millenia (i am not kidding). I bought this 240v lamp knowing this, because I want a nice looking traditional bulb as a nightlight for my bedroom, produce warm color, bright enough to navigate but not so bright i can't sleep, and at 120 volts, i will never, ever need to buy a replacement. Only little complaint is my fault, wish i realized how small 7.4 inches is and shoulda bought the biggest one.


Thank you for the info! We appreciate your feedback.

Joseph M.

Top notch as always

Top notch as always

vance g.

O.K. love the bulbs both

O.K. love the bulbs both on or off ! The only thing, knowing what I wanted these bulbs to accentuate , I wanted to provide additional protection. So using the Specs. provided I ordered clear Pyrex glass tubes and went on with My display. Well when the bulbs arrived, NOT a fit. Specs 1.125" O.D. (from website), actual 1.135 O.D. s "Bummer". I will order other bulbs that need not be spec. specific

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