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Cream Parallel cloth wire- Per ft.


2-CONDUCTOR 18-GAUGE WHITE RAYON PARALLEL WIRE - BY THE FOOT This is an 18-gauge cord in the parallel cord style where the conductors are covered in white rayon braid. Please note: Parallel cord is a flat cord. If you would like a round cord, please see our 3 conductor Antique cord. This item is priced by the foot, so please adjust your quantity accordingly. Example: If you want 10 feet of wire, enter 10 in the quantity box, and you will get one 10' length of wire. Usage This wire is suitable for table-top, floor, and pendant use and suited to many applications, include wiring fans and small appliances. You should consult a qualified electrician to ensure that the gauge of the wire you select can safely support the electrical load of your lamp or small appliance over the length of wire you are using.

  • Diameter: Wide Side: 5.7 mm, about 7/32"; Narrow Side: 4.8 mm, about 3/16"
  • Maximums: 300 Volts,
  • 60 degrees Centigrade
  • UL: NOT UL-Recognized

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