Lamp Wire SPT-2 #18/2 105 degrees Rated 300V. Per ft.

This item is priced by the foot, so please adjust your quantity accordingly. Example: If you want 10 feet of wire, enter 10 in the quantity box, and you will get one 10' length of wire. This wire is 18/2 which means that the copper wires inside the cord are 18 Gauge and there are 2 parallel wires. The SPT-2 is the measurment of the insulation thickness of the cord. The Insulation thickness provides varying degrees of resistance to heat and abrsion. A rating of SPT-2 on lamp cord means that it is thicker (and in this case somewhat more resistant to abrasion) than a lamp cord rated SPT- 1½, which is, is thicker and more resistant to abrasion than a cord rated SPT-1. Unfortunately, the thicker the lamp cord, the more problems you may encounter when trying to insert, pull, or slip the cord through your lamp or fixture. • SPT-1 This wire is U.L. Listed for use in hanging fixtures & sconces, easily slips 1/8 IP (3/8” dia.) pipe. • SPT-1 1/2 This wire is U.L. Listed for use in fixtures hanging by a chain, easily slips 1/8 IP (3/8” dia.) pipe. •SPT-2 This wire is U.L. Listed for use in portable table and floor lamps, difficult to slip 1/8 IP (3/8” dia.) pipe.

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