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  • L7662-27K

    LED Filament Vintage Bulb - 6.5 Watt - Clear - Edison Style 2700K

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    • LED clear glass Edison bulb - 810 lumens - dimmable.

      Less watt, more light. Our newest LED filament bulbs are more efficient and more powerful then ever.  If you like the Edison look and need to light up your area this is what you're looking for.  810 lumens which are true 60 watts equal is not a common in Vintage LED bulbs. Combine this with its dimming capabilities and you have a winner.  The color temperature of this bulb is another important factor to consider.  2700K is the same as the standard incandescent bulbs. This means that the light produced by this bulb will not be as warm or yellow as the Edison bulbs which usually have 2200K. Great for use in chandeliers, bare socket pendants, string lights, and many more commercial or residential applications.