Nostalgic Centennial Light Bulb - 40 Watt - 3.88 in. Length

Our Nostalgic Centennial light bulb is designed to replicate the longest burning light in history.

The original Shelby bulb was first manufactured in the 1890s. There is one bulb which is currently lit at fire station number 6 in Livermore, CA. The bulb has been on for over 1,000,000 hours, and is in The Guinness World Record book for it long life. All those facts aside, this bulb looks amazing when it's lit! A real piece of history. Part Number: 132519 Brand: Bulbrite Bulb Tint: Light Amber tint Voltage: 120V Bulb Shape: A17 Bulb Type: Incandescent Vintage Wattage: 40 Length (MOL): 3.88" Color Temp: Warm - 2200K Lumens: 180 Diameter: 2.20" Dimmable: Yes Filament Type: Tungsten Vintage Base Type: Medium (E26) Life Hours: 3,000

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